To Live in Emeralds is a hybrid of science fiction and fantasy. The world in this tale of adventure and intrigue is our world, our Earth, but very different from our Earth of today. A hundred years from now, space has been conquered, and science and technology have advanced greatly from the world of today. But that all changes when an ancient power is released into the world. Suddenly, enormous power, the power to violate the laws of physics, is available near indiscriminately. A huge power play ensues, changing the Earth forever.

Four hundred years later, the world no longer even remotely resembles the world we know today. A social hierarchy based entirely on magical ability dominates, and the rule of law is enforced only by vigilantes. Secret societies are the only thing standing between order and utter chaos. History was mostly forgotten in the chaos following the release of the magic, and most technology was disabled or destroyed as well. It is in this world of fear and subterfuge that our heroine must struggle to protect the little order that she can find.

To Live in Emeralds is both a novel and a comic. It was originated as a comic in 2004, and has had several reincarnations since. The novel is currently in the process of publication. The comic is in production, and as it is completed it will be updated on this site or on my deviantART gallery.



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